Our Core

Supporting others to live life joyfully and with purpose is at the core of  Life Triad Training’s raison d’être. Spirituality and mindfulness, integrated and anchored in the physical, are the foundation of our work. Our coaches work with retreat and workshop participants to identify and deconstruct energetic and mindset blocks, creating space within each individual to invite and receive love and happiness.

Aligning body, mind, and spirit is integral to any true healing pathway. Our offerings provide deep immersion into unmasking belief constructs and energetic patterns that no longer serve while delivering heart-centered healing. Importantly, we believe in and teach methods to sustainably adopt key learnings as accessible lifestyle modifications.

The Partnership

Our coaches have extensive backgrounds in human resource development and management, each left successful corporate leadership positions to answer the call to work with people at a deeper level: Rose as a Creative Mindfulness Coach and Reese as a Psychic Medium & Intuitive Development Coach.

In 2015, Reese (whose work is Spirit-Led) began receiving messages from her guides to work with “flowers.” This perplexed her, as she had no desire to become a florist or integrate flower essence prescriptions into her work. That Fall, during a fabulous and empowering discussion, the light bulb went off and it became crystal clear that “flowers” meant Rose! With an inner knowing that collective energy can amplify intention and produce powerful shifts and a deep-seated desire to serve the growing community of people seeking tools for true healing and accessible lifestyle shifts, our coaches formed Life Triad Training and held their inaugural retreat, Sacred Relationships*, in 2016.

The fusion of mindfulness and spiritual expertise poured into a physical container (retreats and workshops) is transformative. With a shared vision, complementary skills, and an impressive interplay, our coaches co-create programs because their love of their core purpose, those they serve, and one another compels them to.

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Our Logo Explained (because we are intentional about the details)

The Life Triad Training logo combines the sacred geometry of the tetrahedron (multi-dimensional triangle) and the golden ratio (fibonacci spiral). The triangle represent the unity of body|mind|spirit (the triad); it is also linked to the Solar Plexus, which is the center for personal power, acceptance, and a natural balance between the physical and the spiritual. The spiral represents life itself with all of its dynamic movement. It speaks to life-force, growth & expansion, and infinity.

*Life Triad Training’s Sacred Relationship Retreat was co-hosted by Reese, Rose, and the lovely Lelia Christine, The Happiness Advocate and Higher Love Guide. We are forever grateful for Lelia’s participation and energy in Life Triad Training’s first event and enjoy witnessing her independent journey.